Obedience Parts Water

Bible reading: Joshua 3

The LORD will part the water if you obey.

He will exalt himself – in His ways and in His terms.

He knows what you need even before you say it. The Lord knows that the people needed reassurance of what they are doing and He gave it to them, more than what they are expecting.

He will show you that obeying Him is the best option there is because He will not only provide ways to do it; He will also fill your being with Him.

Following God is never easy and He knows it. That’s why He supplies what you need and gives you favour in what you do.

Choosing Him is the part He left for us to do. He will not coerce you but will show you that drawing apart from Him will just bring things apart from what He has intended for us to experience.

He never meant harm for His children but He has given us freewill to choose. Despite that, He protects us from getting more hurt and He is always there waiting and letting you know that you can always comeback in every fall.

Even for one who once truly experienced the pure and kind love of God turning  your back from a naturally satisfying thing is not always a piece of cake. It is because one is going against one’s very nature and feelings. The flesh wants what the Spirit refuses. But the victory is never in a person’s hands; it is through Jesus.

Going against the flesh on your own is impossible, it’s only through Jesus, who walked without sin, that one can conquer it.

Looking at Jesus as an example of walking in His Father’s will and rejecting everything that pulls Him away from it gives me a hope of who to follow.

In His obedience, there is a new life and light.

He is a loving Father that gives so much despite the hardheadedness of His children. However, not a ounce of love was taken in every sin or misbehaving.

It is His unfailing and perfect love that assures a person of such relationship through Jesus.

Yung pagmamahal Niya hindi sobra o kulang. Hindi nababawasan o nadadagdagan kasi when He loved you, He loved you perfectly.

If there is one thing that is certain and constant it is love.

He is love, and He loves me.

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