Atty. G

This is Atty. Adonis Gabriel, my Constitutional Law II professor. In these pictures, he seems to be an ordinary chummy-chummy professor but do not be deceived. He is BAR topnotcher during his batch and got a 100% rating in his Political Law exam. No big deal.

I don’t know if he memorized the whole 1987 constitution but I will not surprised if he does. He knows every comma and periods in the 1987 Bill of Rights. ย He can quote and cite in verbatim justices and concepts in hundreds of cases. You will just drop your jaw in your seat; amazed and thinking how he does that. Trust me, I had numerous experiences of that in his class.

Today is my last day of final examinations in law school as a first year student. Consti II is our test and yeah I’m not studying as I’m typing this. I’m technically doneย (with the Memory Aid) and I can’t get my self to study and memorize intensively anymore. I just lift this to God. I can only do so much and I don’t want to dread anymore. I woke up fearing that I won’t be able to cover everything that needs to be remembered. My heart was not at peace. So I prayed. I prayed and just surrendered my worries to Him. It gave me peace after that.

Knowing that at the end of the day the Lord will be the one who will be in control of what you have done and labored is comforting for He is my Father. A father that looks out only for what is good to His daughter.

*Time check. I only have ten minutes to wrap up this post before I hold my codaland run through the provisions of the Bill of Rights and Citizenship.ย 

So where was I…

Good things.

My Father knows how to give good gifts. He gave me Atty. Adonis as my professor. You may find this weird but he is an answered prayer.

You know those instances when you just feel right about a certain person and he/she seems to draw you to his being? That’s what happened when I first laid my eyes on the existence of Atty. Adonis. I only saw him in the corridor talking with someone over the phone while his students prepare their last day party.

I just know. After observing him for some time or minutes rather, I told my self “Gusto ko siyang maging prof” without knowing anything about him! I did not know what he’s been teachig or what are the horror stories about him. None.

At that moment, I just wanted and wished for him to be my teacher. I cannot remember if I uttered that to God but I know He knows the desires of my heart.

I will call what I felt as teacher’s instinct. I get that often over a person that I can sense that there is a strong drive for learning. As if that person has a magnet that draws me to him or her. Their aura just gives them away and I happen to be a very conscious and sensitive one when it comes to those things.

I think it was the Lord who gave me the desire to want him to be my teacher. There is no possible way for me to know that he is the best professor who handled me in San Beda so far. He gives the desires of your heart in accorandance to His will. He desires for me to learn and be inspired by this man. True enough, I learned more than the fundamental law of the land. I now have a new desire in this journey. That I will tell in another post. ๐Ÿ™‚

Indeed, the Lord will put the desire in your heart and it is all good.


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