Absolutes In A Relativistic Culture

I happen to come across a video of my favourite apologist, Ravi Zacharias and this particular part cuts through me in this world full of relativism and subjectivism.

You can watch his full preaching in this matter in Youtube during his session in Passion 2016.

At the united nations prayer breakfast, they asked my to speak on the search of absolutes in a relativistic culture.

There are four areas in which you look for absolutes





You talk about evil empires when you get together here. What do you mean by that?

You look for just society. What do you mean by justice?

You leave your love ones back home and you are here and you miss them.

You know what love is all about especially when you miss your loved ones so much.

And some, you are gonna blow it and make mistakes and you want be forgiven.

Where in the world did this 4 converge at the moment in history?

And I take you to a hill called Calvary and show you the person of Jesus Christ.

Who shows you the evil in your heart and mind. Who was just and justifier.

Who He loved us so greatly to give Himself for us; He said โ€˜Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing,โ€™ he explained.

This is the only answer in the world that offers you a Savior. Godโ€™s forgiveness is His provision for you and for me.

-Ravi Zacharias

This is the only answer in the world that offers you a Saviour.

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