If people are virtues, you are mine

A friend of mind suprised me with a text message. It turned out to be poem for me.

If people are virtues, you are mine.

Routinely practiced.

Religiously done.

Constantly undertaken.

Repeated again and again,

Like my favorite song on loop

Or a pop music blasting on every radio station.


They say it takes 21 days to get used to something.

21 uninterrupted days.

After that, things become a habit

And you know how they say old habits die hard, right?

I have searched the yellow pages,

Looked through classified ads,
Scanned bulletin boards,

But none would point to an easy way to kill being used to.


I guess it can only die a slow death.

I guess I just have to get through another 21 days.


Because if people can be virtues and you are mine,

I wish I had known it will be better to live in vice.

-Audrey Bulfango

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