Two days of non-stop writing with a total of 41 cases digested, my body screamed for a break. I deserve a break. My eyes were tired, my hands were shaking, my shoulders were hurting and the heat was not helping. I decided to take an off for a day because I’m afraid that something might go bad in my body if I abuse it. 

Today, I went to Nuat Thai in Banawe. All I know was I wanted a whole body scrub and massage. I just came from a hike last weekend and my body was still hurting from it and all the writing. A massage was badly needed.

I won’t go into the details but when they say full body massage – IT IS INDEED FULL BODY. Let’s just say na nagulantang ako sa mga pangyayari sa loob at wala na akong nagawa kasi asa andoon na ako. 

I told my self “Minsan talaga may pinaglalagyan ka sa pa-try-try mo eh.”

To clarify, I do not regret it. In fact I enjoyed it and it was a new experience that I will do again. I will even include it as part of my “Day off” activity.

To cap my night, I ate at Bubbletea and ordered my favorite comfort food combo: hot Royal milktea and Niniku Salmon Pasta (I hope I got that right). 

I can’t wait for my digests to be over so that I can fully maximize my free days.

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