How To Be Single

I just finished watching the movie How To Be Single and I’m really feeling the essence of the movie. I’m also currently listening to the Single playlist on Spotify and Natasha Bedingfield is playing Single.

I’m single, right now, and thats how I wanna be. Everything in it’s right place, everything in it’s right time. I like it this way.

People seem to see this status as something to be sad about or a time to throw a pity-party. Well in fact it’s the best time in one’s life. One can actually do whatever they want without the shackles of someone to tell them what they can or not. They can explore and try new things because they do not have the responsibility that a married man has. They do not have to support anyone. They do not even have to take care of a child and the responsibility that comes with it.

What I’m saying is that this is the time when you can make mistakes, win some good stuff, explore your capabilities, enhance one’s skill or talent, be closer with God, befriend anyone you want, disciple sisters and brothers, go to places you have never been to, treat your parents in the best restaurants in town with your own money, road trip with you best friends, buy a random ticket somewhere and enjoy the trip, go to the beach and drink you favourite drink while reading your favourite book. THE POSSIBILITY IS ENDLESS.

I am not saying that people in a relationship or the married ones cannot do those things. However, it is true that certain limitations will be in their way. And I bet it wouldn’t be the same if they do it during their single years.

This is why at times I think that maybe the Lord still wants me to stay single. He wants me to enjoy Him more and mold me into a better person, not for that guy, but for Him. At times also, I think that He’s not yet bringing in front of me the right guy because maybe I have the tendency to fall on their quick “guy sand” or something like that. It’s like going to the world of that guy in a quicksand. He wants me to mature first.

However, it does not mean that I am a naive and clueless girl when it comes to those warm and giddy feelings. But it’s not that I had my own fair share of relationships as well.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been single since 1992 but it does not mean I do not know how to like someone. I know.

I have liked someone before and I know what it does. It makes me know myself in a different level. Having someone you care about makes you do things that you do not usually do. You go beyond your comfort zone just to show your care towards someone. Also, hand in hand with that are the things I had discovered that should and should not be done. I discovered the things that are right to do and not. I  have faced my limits in those kinds of “relationship”.  It made me realised that such things will never ever satisfy you until you have satisfaction on your own – all by yourself.  The LORD has taught me not to give in foolishly that just how the world would do it. I must be governed by Him all the time. The person I like must not be the centre of my affection, time, effort, care and anything that comes with liking someone. That is not the right thing to do now that I am still single. The focus of my time is to get closer and be better for the LORD.

I have found my worth in Jesus and man, that is the best and most precious thing I have been holding on.

Until such time that He allows a man to come my way and  allow the latter to maturely lay down his intentions to me in God-ordained time, that’s only the time  that I am allowed to not to consider being alone with God anymore. I believe that if He allowed such time, He wants me to enjoy His love with this man. He wants me to honour Him together with His another child. It is never setting aside God and putting that man at the centre. Together we will put God at the center and hand-in-hand we will bring glory and honor to his name in our relationship.

I want God to be honoured in every season of my soul and life, may it be in my singlehood, in a relationship stage and even in my married life. I want to be in a relationship where the centre is the Lord and together we will encourage one another to be me more in love with our Saviour. It is only with that that we will get the truest meaning of love that we can give to each other. The LORD is love and we ought to get the best of love from Him.

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