Godly Man: Godly Household

But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord. – Joshua 24:15

This verse reminded me that my future partner must bring my future household closer to God. He must be leading me and our future children towards that goal. A God-centered partner will eventually lead to a God-glorifying household. You must say that I am a little bit advanced in thinking that way. However, if marriage is not the point of a relationship then why are you doing it? For momentary filling of your longings? Isn’t it selfishness? How about the other person?

If it is not the goal, then why invest emotionally, financially and physically towards a person that you will eventually cut ties with?

If that attribute is not seen during the course of the relationship then maybe one must start asking if that is what the LORD wants for him or her. Would the LORD want His child to be in a relationship where he is not at the centre? When it is written that apart from Him we are nothing, how can we expect to find meaning in a relationship where Jesus is not the centre? Are you expecting to get that in your partner? No, YOU WILL NOT.

Entering in a relationship is not merely deciding not to be alone or to be with someone who makes your heart flutter and gives you butterflies in your stomach. It is not alone for all the good feelings. It must be seen as another way of showing off to the world the faithfulness and goodness of God. It is showing that glorifying God can also be done with someone the LORD has desired you to be with.

Yes, you can glorify the LORD alone but this time you do it with someone who is as much as in love with the LORD as you do. Being in a relationship means not putting the two of you at the centre but both you looking at the center which is GOD. It means that the LORD wants you to be an example of a godly couple who puts GOD desires first before their own.

A couple that is set apart.

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