Dear Kuya

First, madaya ka. Bad trip ka at nakakainis ka.

Wrong timing ka eh. I was just having a great time with my high school girlfriends who I wasn’t able to see for a long time when I read your farewell message. I read that past 1am in the morning. Way to go for the perfect timing ha.

I was surprised and sad at the same time. I AM HEARTBROKEN.

But I know you have better reasons.

You are one of the most reasonable and fair persons I have known and believe me when I say I would entrust you my life if we would be in a zombie apocalypse situation. Kidding aside, I have found a kuya in you in this hellovarollercoaster ride in law school. Shet ka. Inunahan mo ako eh. Remember my problem back in first sem? haha.

My only regret is that I wasn’t able to “dissect” or know you more. There is so much in you that I want to know since you are one of my treasured and trusted friends in Beda. I thought we will enough time to do it, so I took my time. Little did I know that it would come to this point. I wished that I should’ve known you better or befriended you earlier in the sem and overcame my reluctance in you. You were always with my bebe girl  kaya before. But nevertheless, allow me to appreciate you in this post.

MY KUYA IS A GENTLEMAN. Sino na magpapagilid sa akin sa kalsada sa first street kasi mahilig ako maglakad sa daanan ng sasakyan?  Sino na yung makulit maghintay ng sundo ko kasama namin? You never fail to show how much you care to your girl (space) friends. To me, to Nina, to Noreen, to Divine, to Sittie, to every girl in 1E, specially to Erica. Haha. (The latter is subject to interpretation. Haha.) Kidding aside, you are such a caring person and I want you to know that you contributed to the raising of my standards towards guy friends.

MY KUYA IS A GOOD LISTENER.  Need I say more? Thank you for always listening to rants, to my issues, to my problems, to my antics, to my corny jokes, and to everything I have in my heart. I don’t know why but it seems like when I tell it to you, I have a stronger rock to lean on. Without you, it would have been challenging for me to laugh at that certain situation. You have made it lighter and easier for me.

MY KUYA IS A BELIEVER. He believes that good things will eventually come to those who work for it and gives it their best. He never stops believing.

MY KUYA IS HARDWORKING. Hiyang hiya yung pagka-law student ko sa klase mo. I cannot think of anybody who can top that Cobra + Kopiko combo that you are doing. You are very smart and I admire how you give your all in every recitation.

MY KUYA IS VERY VERY VERY KIND.  Keeping up with such a special child like me requires an extraordinary kind of understanding. If it is not because of your kind and understanding heart, I would not be writing this thing on 2’o clock in the morning.

MY KUYA IS ONE HELL OF A FUNNY GUY.  *insert your famous UGH here*  Now, how can I still manage to laugh if you’re not around when I see them?  I will miss your singing voice in the classroom. Sino na ibebenta ko kay Noreen? Paano na yung libreng sabaw chronicles? Paano na yung mga “pisti! yawa!”?   A JR-less classroom: PIERR’S NIGHTMARE. Apparently, it came true.

MY KUYA IS MY FAVOURITE KUYA. Let’s just say that I have found a Kuya in you. A kuya that I never had.

I cannot help but sob like a child as I type this.

Kuya naman eh. Di ka man lang nagpakita nakakainis ka eh. You don’t know how much your presence have motivated me to go to school during that time I was undergoing “that”. Buo na yung araw ko basta andoon ka sa classroom. You complete the classroom eh. I can’t imagine a JR-less classroom.

No. It’s just hard for me right now. Maybe I will get over this in time but for now I just can’t.

I will miss how you call me “Pie-ya”, your crazy antics, you energy, and your friendship.

I will miss you, but I know that this decision has been well-thought and you have already considered everything upon making this.

This is me still supporting you and reminding you that your life has touched mine. You became a blessing to a person like me and I know that you will to people that you will meet wherever you are. Know that in the suburbs of Quezon City, you have a curly-haired cheerleader that will try to cheer you on no matter what you do.

You are loved, kuya.

This is why,  I ask only of one thing from you. May you not forget us because we won’t.

I won’t. 




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