Confessions of a Single

This post here perfectly describes my dating ideals and beliefs. Ate knows exactly what is inside my head that all I can say while reading this is “YES, ATE! PREACH!”

This is my thoughts in her words.


That Word in Me

It was probably the most honest question I’ve been asked by anyone lately. And I tried to answer it with the same vulnerable honesty. Why was I single? Why have I been single for the longest time? Was it, as my guy friend asked me last night, because I “choose to be single?” or “nagkataon lang?”, like he pointed out. He said this was bothering him because I was an amazing girl whose status in Facebook remains “single”.

The thing is, this isn’t the first time somebody’s asked me that. Another guy friend, after a long conversation on life and relationships, asked me plainly, “you almost have everything. Boyfriend nalang.”

I don’t really know whether I was happy to hear that. For many reasons. One, it feels to me that people equate completeness or happiness in life to being in a relationship. The argument seems to tell me…

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