Last night around 3am in the morning I have decided  to deactivate my Facebook and Twitter accounts. I have done this a lot of times on Facebook but first time on Twitter. Why? I always say that I am so tired of the noise of the virtual world. This is so true.

I am thankful that I am able to live through those times that being updated on somebody’s life is not that big of a deal or as simple as posting your thoughts or even your latest happening through pictures. Friendster’s status updates before, although mainstream, is not at par as Facebook’s real time updates.

My point is, I am tired of informing people or simply putting myself out there. Yes, no one is  compelling me to do it, yet when you have that thing around you, it is not east to shut it off completely. Especially now that all it takes is just few taps on your cellphone. You’ll be tempted. I am not saying that it is a bad thing or it is something one must stop doing. This is just my personal take. I just got tired of all of it.

I got tired of reading things that in real life does not really concern me. The happenings, feelings or thoughts of Person A is not really my concern yet I am updated. Even if in reality, I should not care at all.  Also, even there are informative articles there, I cannot help sometimes but ask if do I really need to know it? Do I really need to make a big deal out of it?

I think people just become engross towards something to a certain level of exaggeration because of the influence of the people around her/ him in the social media. Some people go crazy over such mundane petty things. Things that are not essential at all!

It’s all about influence. Now, it is upon the person how he/ she will control or manage such things that engulf or touch her. I choose to be selective.

Also, there are things there that even though I know I shouldn’t check, out of curiosity, I still go and do it. Even though I know in my self that it will not be better for me. Exhibit A:  His updates. I still check some even though it will hurt me or even get me affected somehow.

I asked myself, “Is it helpful to you?”

“Do you really need to know this?”

“Upon knowing this, what does it help you?”

“Does this make you a better person?”

“Does it make you be more self-controlled?”

And it just go on.

Let me clear that it is not just because of that that got me deactivated. I also want to focus. I want to regroup my thoughts and learn more to translate my thoughts in this blog.

I love this blog. I can say that this is my most legit blog of all because I can easily put my thoughts here. Hello maturity! I am not a writer and I just tend to type all the things that are simultaneously go up in my head. I am not also that good when it comes to grammar so sorry for such errors. Haha.

But you see one of the primary things I learned being an  English teacher, who must include Writing in her actives as one of the macroskills needed to be developed in English, is that to just let the student freely express her thoughts in writing. Regardless of the grammar errors. Don’t get me wrong. Grammar is important. Good grammar is sexy. However, grammar rules are just secondary to the skill and knowledge of getting the student’s thoughts out there in a written form. What is your perfect grammar if you cannot simply express your thoughts a simple writing?

So going back to deactivating, I hope I can put up more entries here now that my social media involvement is now reduced to this blog and my Instagram.



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